Nazi's Jesus and the Apocalypse

October 26, 2009 10:39 pm
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Did anyone else notice that the History channel went from shows about all sorts of history to primarily shows about WWII, Jesus and the Apocalypse?

I usually watch late night so it's understandable that I'm not watching their prime time programs but seriously how much more Nazi can we take? Several times a day there's something on World War II and nine times out of ten it's about the Nazi movement. When it's not on the Nazis it's on D-day, some American or British operation or something to do with Japan. Certainly WWII was horrible but there are other wars where terrible things happened that had a significant impact on history. Hitler is dead and the war is over, let's move on please.

If Nazi's don't suit your fancy then maybe Jesus does. From the Templar Knights to the last super, the ten commandments to the holy grail there's more Catholicism on the History Channel than there is in Italy. As if Catholics haven't taken up enough of the world's time, calendar or holidays they need to invade education television as well! You have your own channel, several as a matter of fact, let's keep it there.

Most interestingly there are a ton of shows about the end of the world. Life without people, while it's not about how the world will end shows what will happen to the planet without us. It's actually pretty good. Then there are the religious shows (like the ones mentioned above) relating to the end of days and Revelations. Beyond those we have prophecy shows relating to Nostradamus and his lot, most recently the Nostradamus effect relating prophecies from all sorts of people and showing how they tie into current events. Still other shows talk about how the universe hates us. One in particular showcases the top 10 ways life will go extinct on earth, most of those ways coming from outer space.

I didn't mention in the beginning but besides these program shifts there's another smaller section of programs dealing with conspiracy theories all centered on the American government. Apparently the Free Masons are taking over, all our founding fathers were apart of it and if they weren't they were plotting something on their own. More and more there are shows starting with "Secrets of..." or "The truth behind..." Give me a break.

What's most disturbing about the shift in programming are not that we have it, it's that they continue. People are obviously watching these shows. If they weren't they wouldn't continue this sort of programming to get better ratings. So the lesson here is we like death, destruction, conspiracy and Jesus? What that says is probably best left for another post some other time.

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